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devil's mile at fantasia!

It's official. My directorial debut Devil's Mile is having its WORLD PREMIERE SCREENING at the Fantasia International Film Festival on July 26th!

I am incredibly excited.  The last time I had the privilege of attending Fantasia was in 1998, at its one and only Toronto engagement.  That time I was selling t-shirts in the lobby.  This time I get to premiere a film I wrote and directed.

Milestones.  It's good to have them.

the spielberg oner

A great examination of Spielberg's often surprisingly subtle use of a technique most often deployed as a cinematic show-off.  What's most interesting is that Spielberg -- one of cinema's most legendary show-offs -- tends to use it for reasons of economy, rather than spectacle.  I'm always blown away by how effective the oners in Jaws are, but I don't think I ever noticed that Marion Ravenwood's classic introductory scene in Raiders Of The Lost Ark was also accomplished in a single extended take.

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